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Used to be wonderful what happened. Re formulations suck.

Erle Campbell

This was my first cologne, bought it as a sophomore in high school because it was name-checked in a Snoop Doggy Dogg song, which is as good a reason as any to buy a cologne when you are an inexperienced high school kid. Through the years, it has always been a staple in my collection. It's predominately aquatic scent, probably due to the colone notes, and other than that I don't really pick up on anything else that dominates this fragrance. It's got some jasmine, mint, and lavender notes with some other generic 'green' notes I can pick out and at the base I do detect some sandalwood and amber but I don't detect much musk and the tobacco note is nonexistent to my nose. Basically, this smells like a fresh, summer ocean breeze and it's on of the most versatile bottles in my collection. And it's quite affordable! I got it as a teenager and loved it and I'm 30 not and will continue to keep a flacon in my collection even though I don't use it everyday, it's a perfect everyday scent. There's a reason this stuff is one of the best selling fragrances of all time. I'm not as familiar with the female version, I get more of a fruity and earthy vibe with it, but that might be worth checking out. This stuff routinely draws compliments, even if it is popular enough that people ask me if I'm wearing cool water. I believe that every man should have a bottle of this highly versatile fragrance in their collection.


I have used Cool water for a couple of years and its one of those fragrances that can be used just about everyday and those sweaty summer nights. Cool water has the refreshing smell of some aquatic wave leaving a musky flowery smell behind.


Never fails to draw compliments from people even at the end of a 12 hour day!!. I have been using this perfume for last 12 years.